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Default Re: is it right to watch porn

Originally Posted by Elysium View Post
Well, in terms of the porn industry, there's lots of abuse and questionable ethics going on behind the camera. There's also, of course, legal concerns if you're under 18.

Setting all that aside, it's kind of up to you. Plenty of people watch it without consequence or shame. For others, it's unthinkable. So there's tons of support for both answers and everything in between. Just do what you feel comfortable with and what you feel is acceptable.
Very well said. I totally agree!

I am very open to talk to everyone. If you have any question - just ask. I am young but ready to help
Don't get me wrong, but no pics, no cam of any kind at any time!

Please keep in mind:
If there is a language problem, please contact and correct me!
My native language is German
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