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Default Re: Impulsive Insensitivity


I actually kind of know what this is like. I make really dumb mistakes a lot and can't control it. I've been trying to be mindful of things that I do or say, but I will sometimes still make dumb mistakes and blurt something out or act irrationally. One way that I've found for coping with it is just choosing to either say nothing at all (muteness) or choosing to actively limit speech to a bare minimum. For instance, if someone says hi to you, you would just say hi and nothing more. This could be dangerous, I suppose, because it infringes on the ability to be social, which creates other problems. So, I've kind of just learned to accept my clumsiness. I still feel terrible when I do or say something clumsily, but it seems unavoidable without completely renouncing the world and social life entirely. Although, that is certainly an option for the right people.

The Buddha said, for instance, that it is contact with the world that creates karmic forces, or which allows for one to feel suffering as a result of a negative or an unwholesome action or speech. He concluded that the only way, therefore, to truly deter such forces from ever arising, and thereby to eliminate suffering entirely, was to renounce the world (at least for the most part). However, it should be noted that temporary renunciation is beneficial as well if the time off is used properly and with the right people. You could simply become a hermit for a week or so--say, if you're off of school that week or something. And during that time, cultivate self-control in action and speech. Keep a sharp eye on everything that you say or do. After doing this for a few weeks, it is possible that you will have developed a habit of mindfulness and attention to your speech and actions which will allow you to control what you do or say in the future.

It should be noted that I have not truly tried this method myself; however, I plan on doing it at some point in the future.

I wish you the best, my friend.

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