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Originally Posted by rynoblue View Post
dont we only have 1 sack and its got our 2 balls?
Try to move your nuts inside your sack so that they switch sides. You can't do it, no matter how hard you try. They refuse to switch sides. Your "left nut" is always your left nut! I remember reading it somewhere that our two nuts are in fact in two different spaces in our scrotum, and there's sort of a partition between the two of them.

(Made me think of the warning, "Don't get you panties in a knot." Good thing we can't have that happen to our nuts! "Don't get your ballsies in a knot!")

Originally Posted by Kory123 View Post
Maybe he's lieing, or he has a tumor or cyst.
I think he's lying. Or, maybe he has a HERNIA! I looked it up and found THIS on Wikipedia:

In men, indirect hernias follow the same route as the descending testes, which migrate from the abdomen into the scrotum during the development of the urinary and reproductive organs. The larger size of their inguinal canal, which transmitted the testicle and accommodates the structures of the spermatic cord, might be one reason why men are 25 times more likely to have an inguinal hernia than women.

So maybe THIS is what that "third nut" on one side is!!!

It also says THIS:
A bulging area may occur that becomes larger when bearing down. Inguinal hernias occur more often on the right than left side. The main concern is strangulation, where the blood supply to part of the intestine is blocked. This usually produces severe pain and tenderness of the area.

So, is it his right side where he thinks he has two nuts?

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