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Default Re: Where should I go to make sure?

Originally Posted by Chester View Post
It seems that I may have some chances suffering from Bipolar Disorder.. I covered all the symptoms listed.

I undergo a persistent sadness, frequent crying, depression, loss of enjoyment in favorite activities, frequent complaints of physical illnesses such as headaches or stomach aches, low energy level, poor concentration, complaints of boredom, major change in eating or sleeping patterns.

But I can't tell for sure. I wanted to check, and so, should I go to a doctor(if so, what specialist?) or a psychologist? My parents aren't aware of this disease. I told my mom once about this, but she doesn't seem to care and got angry at me instead. How am I suppose to convince my parents to get me diagnosed?
u can talk 2 ur family Doctor he /she might refer u 2 a psyc. Thats what happened 2 me.

I got diagnosed as Bi-polar with scitzo effective like yea I understand the head aches and stomach mind goes 1,000 mph my hand like 10 gets frustrating sometimes.

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