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Default Re: Problems with bedwetting

I know how you feel. A few months after I turned 13 the wetting came back.
It was about 4 nights over a 2 month gap. And the. A stop then once or twice more in few months. Now, I'm nearly 14 and it's been nearly 6 months so I think I'm over it. (I stopped completely when I was about 11 and was wetting about once a month around 9 and weekly or more around 7).
My younger brother also wet the bed and stopped about 7.

The dr described me as over it since being 11, but with those more recent nights described as a small "blip"do to stress, or anorexia recovery. I lost LOTS of sleep-more worrying about it than the problem itself, but I haven't had any trouble since and I genuinely believe what he said. that's my personal Expiriance.

please check out and amazing website and charity

Don't be embarassed, I'm so glad you posted this. It's important to not be ashamed, and your message has also given me confidence.

There are lots of ways to manage this (see the Eric website). It's a pain. The sleepovers, the school trips, the sleep loss.
I would tell your parents how you feel, maybe get a little emotional about the embarrassment (for empathy). It's hard to imagine that they wouldn't understand.
Wish you best of luck and your not alone... Again, PLEASE check out that ERIC website, it helped me with confidence and getting over the problem itself, see your dr about it if you can and DEFIANTLY mention it it you see them for another reason.
Best of luck, you're not alone.

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