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Default *TRIGGER WARNING*? Is a set back worth it?

I am adding the trigger warning to the title simply because I'm not sure how far into this I'll get.

The vast majority of people who self harm seem to do so for long periods of time and feel utterly hopeless, but for some insane reason I have this cycle where I harm like once or twice and n then am clean for months, it isn't easy but that's just how I work.

In all honesty I had an awful week and have been on the verge of a relapse, although I've been okay since October excluding a minor scratching incident In December. Relatively speaking I've been decent but I keep getting pushed to the brink. This morning I wake up to find that my mom bought my razor of choice for this, a four pack of eyebrow razors which have a handle... don't want to go into why I've chosen these or prefer these, but I do. I've told her not to but them but never explained why. I know she meant well but now all I can think about is how steased I am and how much I want to and don't want to at the same time. Part of me honestly wants the set back so I can get on with my life again...

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