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Travis Barker is good at drums, but not all that amazing when compared against the legends.

Hell, my local drumming friend (drummer for 3 bands) can drum all the Blink 182 songs easily.

If you want drumming insane skill, listen to Aus Rotten (changed name to Behind Enemy Lines)

Screamo isn't punk, that's why it's called screamo? lol

And essentially Blink182 is in "mainstream punk" but when punk was created, the major thing behind it was "DON'T SIGN A RECORDING LABEL", tons of local bands here have made their own recording labels or joined another locals. Being in the publics eye is completely what punk GOES AGAINST.
So I fail to see how Green Day, Blink 182 or Sum 41 are considered punk.
They did sell out, but who wouldn't sell their "genre" for a few mill ;]
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