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Default Re: Extreme paranoia...

This must be really scary for you, especially with the shadows and the voices.
Maybe write a diary saying your feelings, and definately try and get help. Counselling, speaking to a doctor, friend or relative, anything to get your feelings out, because you will feel better for telling someone.
It's a tough world, and to trust someone is a hard thing to do, but try and see the people who are really close to you and speak to them. Talking to a stranger might help more. But you have wrote on this forum, and that is the first step to make, now try and go a bit further by telling someone face to face. I know telling a parent might be hard but try talking to them, and if you really can't then speak to someone else.
Well done for taking that first step, it must gave taken you a lot of courage to do that.
If you ever want to talk, im always here. I will never judge you, and i will help the best I can. Good luck with your future and i will support you with whatever decision you make, and I'm sure your family and friends would to.

...People try and seek help...
..I have given up trying.. controlling my lovely sharp razor..
...while theres to much blood...
..comin out of my skin..
.and still no one notices. much pain im going through.. i still lay there all alone...
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