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hi gatwick

you know your life is going bad, you know things are shitty, and you NEED to do something about it. you have to rudi or you will end up with a shitty life for as long as you live. you need to talk to someone, find someone, someTHING that you can do that will take the pain away. slice n dice your entire arm if you have to, just find SOMETHING to drive you, dind SOMETHING to motivate you, and find SOMETHING to live for. you are the only person in the universe who can make a difference in your life, because its YOUR LIFE. you need to reach out, grow some branches, and connect with the world around you. the only things human beings need in life to survive are food, water, warmth, and friends. you need to make friends rudi, but then again, you DONT need to make friends. you know why? because you HAVE friends. everyone on this god forsaken website is your FRIEND. you have to know that. cody is your friend rudi, james is your friend rudi, and as much as you dont care and dont believe it, i am your friend too

what you need to do is what cody said earliar. you need to talk to someone about your problems. you need to express yourself. you need to find something and someway to get your feelings into the outside world. you are going to have to make connections with other human beings, and socialize your problems to them so they can help you. i know your afraid, i know you wont go to your counselor because your afraid and have this image in your head that they are going to eat you. but in anycase, if not them, someone else. you have to stand up, gather the courage, and go take your problems somewhere and spill your heart out to someone. the way i hear you talk to you mom on teamspeak, i can tell you love her. i know you love her, thats one person. thats someone who cares, along with everyone else on this site. you need to branch out to those people, and allow them to do their job. yes thats right, its everyones JOB on this website to help you, thats why theyre here. the only and sole purpose of VT is for people to GET HELP AND BE HELPED. you need to let the world do its job and help you rudi and make your life a better one. now im not much of a motivational speaker, and im definantely not a cunning linguist. but what i am is a person, and i do have feelings. please rudi, you have to do something to improve your life, you need to take the initiate to fuck the world and make yourself happier.

you have to, because i cant stand to see you upset. noone can. noone likes it when anyone posts about how depressed or in despair someone is, beacuse its not fair. noone deserves to have to EVER experience sadness, ever. theres no reason for it, and its not fair. everyone here knows this, the world knows this. you need to let your sadness float away, and the only way that will ever happen is if you open up to the only people who can help you.

there are many people on this earth who love you, who care about you, and who feel for you. everyone on that site is that person. your mom is that person. i am that person. cody is that person. james is that person. the fucking principal is that person. your counselor is that person. your sister is that person. your computer is that person. VT is that person.

you need to open up to these 'people' who love you and accept you for who you are, and you need to love them back with all your heart and lean on their shoulders so they can help you carry the burden of life

may you please take the time to read this,
I care for you rudi, and im not going to sit here and watch you go down in flames
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