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I actually have the same exact problem, except that I've been dealing with it for as long as I can remember and it's only escalated as I've gotten older (and my skin's gotten grosser). From what I've found, it's a condition called Excoriation disorder, perhaps more commonly known as dermatillomania. I pick compulsively, often without being consciously aware of it, at my lips, hands, feet, nails, face, back/shoulders, and if I ever have dry skin anywhere else (often on my breasts, but sometimes on my arms too) I'll scratch at that, occasionally until it bleeds - actually, all of those places bleed except for my nails, hands, and feet. When I was little, I only picked at my hands/feet/nails/lips, though I'd also pick at things like peeling paint. Now I've added my face, back, and shoulders or anywhere else I have dry patches on my body. I'll totally lose track of time doing it sometimes.

It makes me feel disgusting, so I try to avoid talking about it as much as possible. I also try to do things to compensate, like using excessive amounts of Chapstick or Vaseline or something to make up for how cracked my lips are as a result. With dry patches, if I can break out of the "trance" long enough, I'll use moisturizing cream to stop myself from being tempted. Sometimes nail polish or makeup (lipstick, foundation, etc., things I wouldn't want to mess up by touching my face) will work to that effect too, though not for long.

I haven't been diagnosed with anything, by the way. I've always just considered it a bad habit.

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