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Default Re: Bush's 9/11 Address

Most terrorists aren't a part of Al Qaeda, if you truly understood them you would nkow they are mostly people who gre up in a abd neighborhood, with bad parents, and a really shitty life, they just hang out with a group of close friends, and they start to go kinda crazy, they don't hate a country's people, they don't hate us, they hate our fascist government that's just making their lives worse. Also, don't say Bush is smarter than Clinton, Clinton has an IQ placing him above genious, Bush has an IQ placing him below average, they're all liars and bastards, but Clinton was a good president, we just made a huge deal about his affair. You need to understand that these peole wouldn't hate us if we didn't do shit to make them hate us, but you think they're all religious extremists shouting "Kill the infidels!"

kolte, I don't care if they stray a bit, but not to the point of arguing about other presidents, I just wanna hear your guys' thoughts about the speech, and feel free to argue all you want about the point I brought up, call me stupid, but you're the stupid one if you have to stoop down to that level because you can't disprove me. All I want is a nice friendly discussion, bring out some facts, and we can make our own decisions on what we wanna believe.
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