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Default Re: The War on Terror(discuss)

However, what are the terrorists killing us for anyways?
becuase they believe that it is their religious duty to kill infidels and especialy the west. They want the world to be One Islamic Theoracy, no freedom and no understanding.
the United States of America, and most other western powers, are very corrupt.
Under your classification of corrupt, every country in the world is has been and probly will be corupt untill the end of time (or government). If ur using that to try and make what the terrorists are doing any more justified, since they are corupt so bad we should do what to them?
You know, those terrorists, though perhaps extreme and corrupted themselves, with there religion of course, have a point.
Their point is do kill infidels, nothing more and nothing less than what they belive is perscribed by facist Islam.

Why not, instead of killing terrorists, try and fix these problems. Wouldn’t it make more sense to try and, be more equal, and kind, and friendly to the world? I personally don’t think we can solve our problems by killing the people that disagree with us. We should win this war with diplomacy, understanding and logic. We should extend a hand, and help those in need. Not kill them into submission.
In an ideal world where this could happen, we would do it in a heart beat. But the stark reality ur not getting is that, if we give lets say, The Taliban Hedical aid they will use it on their wounded soldiers so that they can attack us again, or possibly sell it for money. If we give sadaam money for oil to buy his ppl food he will (and has) used it to build deeped bunkers for himself.

A good question for you to wrestle with is, what should we have done to pre WWII germany? they weren't impoverished or poor, not by a long shot thay had one of the strongest economies on Earth. AS the hate for nonarians and generalt nongerman nazis every where grew should we have reached out a hand of understanding to them? while we did in the form of treaties and they blitzcreeked poland with out feelling any guilt and then horded millions of ppl in to prison camps and killed them.

Understanding doesn't fix failed reasoning like Eugenics (responsible for Nazism) or facists Islam (terrorism). Reasoning can't be changed by an out side force, and the only way to become that influence (democracy w/ free press) u must topple the regime that has the ppl hostage, but the ppl don't like u either so what is one to do? it is a terrible situation.
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