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Default Re: Fox News(discuss)

Would you happen to have any proof of your alegations of story changes on cow milk production?

The looters were depicted as black BECUASE THE MAJORITY OF THEM WERE BLACK its a very sad truth about the condition of New Orleans. In the pictures in the Super Dome do you think that they asked all of the white ppl to leave the room so that they could take a picture?
(not actualy form fox)
Its no conspiracy.

Also I don't know where u get ur 83% # form cuz when I have watched Fox If they have debate on an issue on shows like the Oreily factor and hanity and Colmes (colmes is a DEM BTW) they always have another person to argue the other side (assuming the topic is debated in the real world) The shows go out of their way to invite ppl to argue the other side, they try to get ppl form who ever they talk about to come on the show, many times the ppl decline the invite.

All they played was the same video clips over and over of looters.
are u saying that they cut out vids of white looters? or that becuse the looters where black they shouldn't have been given as much airtime so that the african american community wouldn't have looked as bad.

Keep in mind that looting going on, along with ppl shooting at rescure helecopters were HUGE news stories that every body was talking about. So they played the footage that they had. Every day they play the same footage over and over becuase they dont have different news every hour. Plus its a freaking 24 hour news channel, they replay the top stories, especialy when there is a pressing story (ie 9/11, katrina, Iraq invasion and what not)
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