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Originally Posted by kolte View Post
I don't think that killing hundreds of monks and innocent civillians in Tibet and opressing millions in Tibet fairly well.

When was the last time Cuba did anything bad?
or Vietnam.
or laos
Where is Laos? And Vietnam basically took over it's southern section through brute force and has not allowed the democracy in the south continue.

China, when it regained Hong Kong, has let it continue democracy. Vietnam is Democracy turned Communist, China is monarchy turned Communist. Their laws are much more lenient and reasonable then other Communist countries. Cuba is led by a man who killed his friend so he could have complete control over it. He lied to his people, promising a revolution, and that they would gain equality in the end.

Tianamen Square and what happened in Tibet were deffinitely a huge blunder on their governments part. But do you hate the British government (now the UK) because they, at one point made huge blunders on their part? IE, The wars with France and Scotland? All governments make poor judgements at some point, all humans make poor judgements at some point.

They're economy is much better than that of other communist nations. Don't tell me you think China's standard of living is less than Cuba's.

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