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Default Re: The War on Terror


if you want to stop them then make the NATO allies send more troops and supplys into the middle east so they can no longer instill local fear or control
Crush the drug trade which would cut off the majority of there funds
warn pakistan that we are at war with Al-Quida and Hamas and if they aid them in anyway (which they are now) we will be forced to take action (NOT necesarally millitary action probly just economic sanctions by the United Nations Security Council)

This is how The terrorists defeated the soviets
This is how they defeated us last time (desert storm)
are you really going to make the same mistakes AGAIN
This war is going to be won or lost on a political battle feild we all know they cant take down even Canada's military were kicking there ass in southern afganistan the way they will win is by tirning us against it

I mean really would you say the same thing if you were talking about Hitler and the Nazis? This is no diffrent they want to cleanse the world of all infidels...there just not nearly as bright or powerful as Germany was
nowonder they had no problem declaring open war in the early 90's shortly befor bombing american embassys and attacks like the first twin towers bombing (BEFOR 9/11) van in the underground parking lot member..yea

We tried peaceful protests america could have killed bin ladin easily in the 90s in fact they were going to after the embassy bombings but both times they were ready to fire a tomahawk at him he was to close to large civilian populations including many children so they scrapped it both times

They have no intrest in peace
they are NOT peaceful i dont care what anyone says anybody whos society lets them treat women like that lets them rape a 9yr old girl and be found innocent and stonning the girl to death is NOT peaceful
anybody who murders civilians without a second thought is NOT peaceful

I love my country
Were peacekeepers
its a reputation we have worked VERY hard to get
we've been on more peacekeeping missions with the UN then ANYother country

we were also the first ever to be attacked by chlorine gas
we still heald the line
were the only country thats burned down the white house
we still hold the world record for the longest sniper shot

Peace isnt always an option
you can only have peace if its something both sides have a desire for
Al-Quida and Hamas have NO intrest in peace
if we were to just up and leave theyd see it as yet another victory
and theyd become even bolder
the next terrorist attack could kill millions

what if we leave and iran gives them a nuke?
colapsing a few buildings is nothing compared to what setting off a nuke in New York could do

Dont get me wrong bush idiot
and I hate his views on ALLOT of issues
the war on terror isnt one of them

This is the SECOND time weve gone in
I say we finnish the dam job this time

A ligitimate democratic government is getting on its feet
health care actually exists there now
MILLIONS of girls that used to be treated as though there lives were worthless are now attending school and for the firs time learning how to read and write

food and clean water is becoming easily accessable
you dont have to live in terror of being raped or stoned in brod daylight
the taliban are on the run
were winning!

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