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Default Re: Bush's 9/11 Address

Originally Posted by kolte View Post
You the both of you are being rude. If you cant respect one another. Then don't talk to one another. Now modding aside my opinion.

George Bush is not the best man for the job. The majority of americans did NOT vote for him in 2000. And the majority of Americans do NOT want him in office right now. Nuff said.

His speech has truths and farses. Yes there are terrorists. No we should not be killing them all without mercy. They might kill us, but when should rather try and help them. Send messages of peace, not war. Killing them will not stop there movement. It will strengthen it.
No offense but you cant reason with them at all. They are fanatics just like there are fanatical christians which we all know cant be dealt with these people are that times 1000.
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