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Default Re: Bush's 9/11 Address

Originally Posted by Makod View Post
No, you don't get it do you? The terrorists, yes there are terrorists (surprise!), are not the majority of muslims. You are stating that all the muslims are terrorists, which is completely and utterly false. Also, you were trying to show that during Clintons years as president there were 8 major terrorist attacks, and that when combined are much worse than what has happened under Bush's rule. I'm saying that the deaths of 9/11 and the retarted war we are in now far outnumber the deaths of your so called "8 major terrorist attacks" and most of those weren't even terrorist attacks.


Apparently he's the guy named Grotesque, from the looks of it he's not too well liked on here.
9/11 was clintons fault bush was barely in office when it happened carry overs from the clinton administration. I am not stating that all muslims are TERRORISTS! WILL YOU PLEASE CUT THE POLITICALY CORRECT BS! Yes they were all terrorist attacks, if I went to your house because I am a islamic terrorist and my holy book told me to hate your kind and convert you or kill you, and just slaughtered you and your family that wouldnt be a terrorist attack? Maybe if I could I would capture you and behead you with a knife on the internet after chanting some of my sick and vile verses and every time you scream I would yell ALAH ACBAR!!! (dont make me show you those videos) exept on a much much bigger scale.
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