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Default Re: Bush's 9/11 Address

Originally Posted by kolte View Post
STOP RIGHT NOW. Austin. Kindly remove yourself from this debate. If you cant be nice, then just leave. If you do not comply then I will warn you and strongly recomend that you be banned. Show some respect. I don't care what kind of problems you have, we all have problems, and that is no excuse to be an arrogant, asshole to every single person that has a differing opinion to you.

Leave. No second chances just go. Now.

And as for you makod, I expect the same from you. Don't either of you even think about protesting in the debate forum. You got a problem, either pm me, deal with it, or babble to an admin.

I'm not going to lock this, I'm going to let it survive if thats at all possible. The next negative remark will have this thread locked, and that user warned. I hope I'm clear.

Who is Austin
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