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Default Re: Bush's 9/11 Address

wlle letz ceses, eh flunked clloge he's alhcoloic adn he sused ot be a hceer eader, o adn he sused to eb the vice prehedint of a oli compneh tat wnet bankurpted shrotyl aftre he tgo teh porision

Originally Posted by Phantom View Post
No have you ever read a koran, these extreamists are after nothing less than total conversion of the world to islam or death. We dont go policing their countrys if you mean we monitor them to make sure they dont get NUKES then yes we do. No they they are not created by fasicst goverments they WANT fascist goverments, SHARIA islam law look it up. We did not start killing terrorists intill they flew planes into our buildings which kill 3000 people in an attack that rivaled pearl harbor.
me jhinks oyu nvr raed koran cuz et nevr tlles em to od tht.

Originally Posted by Phantom View Post
"We are no safer today than we were 5 years ago, we are in fact less safe, we have pissed the world off even more, therefore more people want us dead"

Is that so, I dont think so you cant even get a nice try. Under clinton we had 8 MAJOR terrorist attacks in 9 years. Bush 0 terrorist attacks in 5 years, now please learn a thing or 2 before you spew such BS
(normal typing now, gettin bored of typing like that.)
Hmmm... care to name these 8 MAJOR terrorist attacks we had under Clinton?

And so we ignore the beggar's cup
Praise your act in the Grand Finale
Teach the unborn the winners sign
a welcome grin to the world Royal

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