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Originally Posted by redcar View Post
but the equality is still lost. this person could start with organising on a small scale, then gradually move on, they delegate tasks to others, still mainting the "equality" ethos, but everyone would not be equal.

plus anyway it is our nature to strive upwards. like if we asked members here, who would like to be a manager someday? who would want to go into politics? even something simple like who wants to be a mod?
wheather its large or small a vast number of us want to better ourselves and not be equal in that sense.
yes, i fully agree with this. But i also agree with Kolte's idea, because i believe communism would work if there wasnt a corrupt or power-driven leader, because then that would undermine the whole idea of having "equality". But i do think government is good to a certain degree. For example, in this country i do not like our democratic system, because it is starting to become more like an oligarchy, where the rich have lots of governmental push, while the poor have almost little to no say in the affairs of the government.

Originally Posted by Grotesque View Post
People are NOT equal and some people are more brilliant and work harder than others. Those people should be rewarded. It is incredibly foolish to say that everyone should get the same pay and everyone should have equal everything. Some people are just BETTER than others. I, for one, would never allow myself to be in the same social/wealth class as a pathetic/retarted/lazy bum. I am worth more and therefore, should earn more..because I deserve it!
People are equal, and u cant say that just because someone is retarted, that u are better than that person. DO U THINK THAT PERSON CHOSE TO BE RETARTED??? Thats just like saying that ur better because ur white. Well im black and i believe everyone is equal because my people experienced inequality for hundreds of years. "I am worth more" is a statement, which u shuld never use again.

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