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Would you mind posting in something brighter? I have the dark background and have to highlight it to read it. I personally don't listen to any of the news on the tele, I get all my information online from various news channels, conservative, and liberal groups, and those who are imbetween. The most hilarious redneck quote ever would have to be. "Fox news is the only news that tells the truth, all the liberal channels like CNN are full of crap." Hmm, somebody has their head up their ass. I don't trust anything the government or any corporation tells me, they're all in it for the money. Like in the movie, The Corporation, The people working for I think it was Fox News did a story on the hormones being used on cows to make them produce more milk, but they were told to completely change the story and not say anything bad about the company who was making the hormones, and they thought it was immoral, but they were told they would be fired if they didn't do the story the way the network wanted it, so they went along more changes, then they were offered to be payed to leave when they refused to do the story that way, I think they took it, then sued the corporation, but the judge ruled that it was not illegal to falsify the news.
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