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Default Re: Alberta sets aside $39 million for youth mental health programs

Originally Posted by mrojas2000 View Post
well at least they are not spending it on war! *cought* BUSH IS A DICKHEAD *cought*
Dude its the provincial government...why would they be spending money on the military? thats the federal governments job, which they are doing they just bought 15billion dollars worth of equipment and created many jobs in atlantic canada which for the most part is all on wellfair from the federal government and leeching off Alberta's economy right now and for ONCE our soliders arent dying soley from faulty outdated equipment were not killing our own people and our equipments more precise so were not killing civilians
and were actually pulling our own in NATO

But yea Alberta could easily put like 500million into this and not think twice so I wish more was given but its better then nothing


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