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Default Re: Non Self Harm Calendar!

Something like 15 months plus

I'm not gonna lie, unless you resolve the majority of stuff causing the S/H, you probably won't be successful in giving up completely.
But for every moment you try to quit, whether it feels hard or not, it's gonna contribute further down the line.
When things have been a lot less tough for a while. And then you suddenly start thinking about it again.
You'll find that it's okay to think about it, because you know you're not even tempted anymore.
You'll realise that at the time it may have felt like an addiction, but it was just a release. Nothing more.
And you'll hope that everyone else currently suffering from your once perceived illness will manage to finally leave it forever.

You guys rock. There will be a point when you finally notice that a record of a week, a month, a year, whatever plus some has already passed.
And you know that you won't go back. Before you doubted yourself. This time it's so obvious. It's finally over.

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