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Default Re: I feel lost inside...

Originally Posted by mr_smite1 View Post
Well u will have 2 watch him, if his sexiness seduced ur gf, then i guess you have to just admit to the fact tht his uber atractiveness has finally payed dividends. and i would have been rele shocked 2 know tht sum1's gf actually fancied me tht kid is lucky in one way, but unluck in another
lol yea i c wat u mean...i dont wan it 2 destroy our friendship i kno its not his fault wit his feelins cos we hav all liked sum1 in a relationship once...n it sounds kinda selfish but i hope my gf doesnt feel the same way bout him...she is gettin pretty friendly wit him n stuff, like i sed earlier, which i dnt mind but i just dont want thier relationship 2 grow til she falls 4 i love her and would do nethin 2 keep her...just it seems like shes rubbin it in a lil u kno
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