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Default Re: Don't take drugs!

seriously, if u say YOURE A DUMBASS IF U DO DRUGS! then u dont know what ur talking about, you cant put ur ideas together well and u just want to sound like u know ur shit. smoking weed does not mean ur a burnt out junkie who will not advance in society. getting high doesnt get u addicted, marijuana isnt even addictive, its just that some people cant put it down because they like it so much. you can still do perfectly well in school if u get high every once in a while, and it really isnt terrible for your health. There is research now saying that marijuana does not lead to lung cancer, it doesnt limit your ability to have an erection like your health teachers want you to think and as some said already its fun to get out and fuck around with ur friends, and alot of the fun is that it is illegal, that may sound corny but you cant deny that for things like that which are illegal u dont get a little buzzed and excited is offline   Reply With Quote