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Default I feel lost inside...

I have had a long lasting relationship with my gf and we have been going great but lately a lot of changes have taken place. We have begun to broaden our horizons and go out with other people alone to expereiment on our trust levels (if u will). It seemed to be going ok and a great friend of mine is the one giving me advice but he likes my gf too. I dont mind that at all because I know how it is when you have feelings for someone but I feel she is beginning to fall for him. I know that my mate wouldn't do anything to destroy our relationship as he is great to me and has helped us both through bad times. I honestly feel depressed and I turned to another one of my mates explaining the situation and she said that my gf is falling for him too. I wouldn't normally worry about this but my gf doesnt see how this is affecting me. Earlier today she text me and i felt a burst of warmth inside me until i read it and she had asked me to say 'hey' to my mate and she texts me in order to find out if he is online so she has someone to talk too. I feel alone and am wondering on what to do in this impleasent situation. I know I may appear to be a bit paranoid but this has never happened to me before and I would do anything to stay in this relationship. We have been together for almost two years and it feels like a lot to go to waste. Please help me...anyone. I am in despair and in desperate need for advice...Please Help
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