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Default Re: *** Post ALL Masturbation Discussion HERE ***

Originally Posted by flag View Post
Do any of you like to try to abstain from masturbation for a few days and see what happens? You get all restless and horny, and start having random fantasies you wouldn't even think of before, and start getting turned on by girls that don't usually turn you on.

Or is it just me...
I have done This often and when you do let ur load go it goes futher and more
Originally Posted by Drivenbyjeter2 View Post
Hey everyone,

Im 17 and my sis is 15 and she walked on me j/o the other day and told me not to stop, she came in and watched me finish. I didnt feel weird about it, and she loved it. but idk.... it doesnt sound right lol.

What you guys think?
that sounds strange
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