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Default grrrr. no fair:(

ok so i dont except anyone to comment on this becuase no one really does liek to hear relationship problems but here i go anyway.

so i just reilized over this week i really like one of teh guys in ym group that i hangout with ALL the time.

but no matter what i cant do anything becasue of these reasons:
1. one of my friends that has complete trust in me is litterly in LOVE with him, (i always knew this, she told me) and shes been hurt alot and has trust issues, so she found out that i liekd him and i told her i didnt tell her becuase its a crush and it will go away.
2. my other friend who is the drmaa starter (and we all reconize this) says she lieks whoever she finds out one of us likes so then she'll get mad.
3. our whole group might be in jepourdy (happenes when we date inside the circle)
and the sad part is i KNOW he likes me cuz one of his friends told em when they were drunk ( i didnt ask or anything) and no matter what i cant date him becuase of #1.
god damn boy troubles><

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