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Originally Posted by DouggyO.o View Post
no i beleive 2 per forum is good because if one is gone and there is porn or somthing along the lines of bad sombody needs to be around to take care of it

2 per forum is just a safe number
Although, what about time zones? I remember reading somewhere on VT (when I was 12 and a guest) that we had three in the GMT +5 timezone, the +6, +7 and +8 timezone. Of course, half of our moderating team is inactive and I think some should be emailed and asked if they want their position to stay. There should be some guidelines, such as how much you actually post a moderate the forums...

Now for mods in the puberty forum, I think we should have the following (only based on my opinion of course )
  • 1-2 female puberty mods (girls puberty and general)
  • 2 male puberty mods (boys puberty and general)
  • A possibility of an additional moderator who can moderate all forums of the parent forum 'Puberty101'

Well it's a possibility
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