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Originally Posted by DouggyO.o View Post
i like most of the idea but how are we spose to choose who on the puberty section, my idea is

we split the boys of puberty section into both like 2 in general and to in boy puberty

and we get to girls to run the girls puberty section
Sorry Doug, but that really was a bit hard to understand Could you say it again?

And Bobby, I completely agree with you on the Moderator part. We do have a long way to go...I suggest that before making huge decisions we should get the Psychiatric Ward back on top (if we're still going with that idea) and restore some of the diaries.

Then we should bring back the name-change sticky as well, and talk to the Admins about that horrible chatbot...for that he should go into another chatroom and we can visit him any time we want, but we really shouldn't be forced to create another temporary room so we can get rid of that chatbot

Then we should get rid of the triple link on top of the Forever Blue format.

That's my opinion anyway
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