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Default The New VT

Here is my idea for the new VT:
Okay so Josh decided to split Puberty into 3 forums. I agree, but the names need to go. It's should be:
Puberty General, Puberty Boys, and Puberty Girls.
I suggest we have three mods that can mod those three forums. Two of the origninal puberty mods, then a female puberty mod (who could it be?).

For General Discussions, is suggest we have 4 moderators that can mod any of those forums, just general mods. The forums for general discussion: Introductions, WPR, Tech Junkies, Creative Writing, Relationships and Debate.

For the phyciatric ward: Mental Illnesses (would include Add/adhd,bipolar,schizo,ocd, and other mental illness), then Self Harm, then Depression, meds, mental crisis, drug abuse, then eating disorders, and finally VT General Hospital. Maybe 2-3 mods for those.

Then VT HQ: VT HQ (job openings sub forum), suggestions, affliates,then chat.

Then I suggest we get a new page (kinda like govteen) for diaries.

Also when I say mods, I mean ACTIVE mods, not mods that leave or don't show up for months at a time.

Tell me If you see any mistakes, but please don't bash me for my idea.

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