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Unhappy OK so guys seem to love to hit me><

since vt's been gone
i've gotten jummped, s gun put to my head, hit, gone to the hodpital with my friend who got alchohal poisining and yea.

the friday before school started i was at a perty, we were all drunk, seven guys in masks came, put a gun to my head, scratched my face, ran away, and me and my friends had to go in the cop car to the station.

this friday, we were at a parrty (that we started) on teh beach and my firend started throwing up and everyones telling me hes gonna be fine (i was threatening to call 911) but hid close friend whos had achohal poisining b4 told me to call so i did and the ambulence came and took him (he asked me not to leave him, but teh ambulence wouldnt let me go) so it started to ran, i ran to teh bus, went to teh hosital till his dad got there and got home around 2am and then reilized i have feelings for the guy (but i cant do anything because hes in my groups of 6 closest friends and we have a no dating freidns rule, and my close friend like him><)
oh and at the party, and insane former guy friend tried to strangle another girlfriend of mine, i got in the middel pushed them apart, and somewhere i got punched by him, and now i have a bruise on my arm.

so its becuase apparent guys love to hit me><

and now i'm just moping around,. i cant deal with this right now>< not with school too.

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