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Originally Posted by *}Whisper{*
I've met allot of horny teens and I can garuntee you some site on the net going shhhhhh BAD or being open on the topic will not bear any real weight on there decision
if there that horny
there gonna do it
personally i'd rather they know how to protect themselves then just go blundering into it
exacly if they insist on having sex they need to be protected and if they do not learn about these things than they are at more of a risk, there are so many teens out there that havenever been talked to about sex/puberty this is somthing that is important to know and we have the right to tell them, or else.

think about it they come here asking how to use birth controle or a condom and we lock the thread

they go off and have sex unprotected and she gets pregnant ,we are tecnicly responsable because we didnt tell them the advice they needed and didnt want to tell/ask there would u feel if somthing like that happend?

this is why we need to allow it
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