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Default Re: Double Orgasm!?!

Originally Posted by Apocalyptic_Storm
Well my orgasms usually last about 5 seconds, so it's pop pop pop pop pop pop...(multiple 1/3 second orgams thenafter for about 1 sec) about like that

Plus like I said in another thread, I've trained myself to have small orgasms and I don't ejactulate...well...hmm.
I masturbate, then when I'm close to the edge of cumming, I slow down exeptionally. Then I have small multiple orgasms where nothing cums out, but it doesn't feel like I'm holding anything in. So it's safe I do this about 10 times and then I have my big orgasm. Always when I do this, when I have my big orgasm, more shoots out and it lasts longer and it's generally more powerful.

Describing techniques is confusing
Plus, those govteen people are just weird O_o They get off topic too easily...I don't trust any of them.
I used to do something similar to that before, like i go, go , go and i feel it coming, then i stop so no cum comes out, then a few seconds later i do it again, feel good and stop, then i finally let it all out. I did that like last year
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