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Default Re: I dont know what i am sexualy

As i said i am still a little confused but later that day after i posted i went to the movies and saw pirates of the carrabian 2, i came home while noticing that i was still feeling scared and confused, so to try to solve it i watched some gay porn, i kinda liked it, i think just because i like gay porn or male genitles doesnt mean that i am gay, i know that i have been extremly fond of a girl but not of a guy(she was to old :'( ). So i think that i am Bi... and i do not really have a problem with that, i think that i could be emotionally attracted to a guy but i dont think it would be as satifying to me than a girl, i think that im more on the straight side of bi but i still kinda like guys that are fit you know like abs and pecks but it doesnt mean i wanna have sex with them just that i admire the way they look.
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