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Well, I haven't logged on in years, but have been feeling pretty down tonight, and remembered how much this site had helped me in the past.

Any how, I'm a guy. My best friend is a girl. I've been crazy in love with her for just under a year. She's been attracted to me too recently, and we've been moving towards a relationship, and then out of nowhere, another guy swoops in, and now they're going to have their own relationship.

Problem is, over most of the past year, she'd already been dating ANOTHER guy (who was a dick to her). I spent most of this time glad to be her friend, but feeling jealous and sad that some other guy was her boyfriend. Over the past few weeks, while she's been 'free', I've had a wonderful time, and now I'll have to go through the damn jealousy thing all over again.

Now this isn't any movie, so obviously there's no winning her back or anything, but any sort of advice? I don't even know what I'm asking for . Just was thinking late late at night, feeling pretty shitty, and thinking of what to do...and remembered this site.
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