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Default Re: Post of the Year Awards

I see someone who has noooo life.
This is pointless.
The nominee votes were really crap as well.
People that judge this shouldn't be a bunch of noobs.
Nor, should they even be in the running.
cody wins.
Time and time again.
Progamer5137523753? what the fook.
Cody still wins.
He is knowledgeable, he ALWAYS backs his point up.
He never looses control and he is actually intelligent and doesn't SUCK UP.
He is the literally one of the only people to stand when he wants and not give a living shit who else is standing up.
I could really only say that about 4 more people here.
I really could go on and on about the leadership qualities cody holds, but lets go on to second place.

TIM: Your opinons usually were aginst mine, but you always were one to speak your mind about anything and know when to speak and when not to.
Your intellect definantly is proven in your posts as well.

honorable mentions:
Lynne/Alex/Heather: Helpful...they truly closed.

Matt: You are hilarious. whether you see it or not you are.
you always have really short posts, but they get to the point and state your opinon wisely.

Kiros/Adam: Well, adam was a true man to be bold and have to listen to 12 year olds with penis problems and kiros was all good and spiffy with computers.

David: I would have picked you, but you are incredibly redundant and make insanely long posts and during those posts, you tend to get wayy off topic.
You're helpful and a pretty decent guy as well. My compliements dont get much better....

Dante: yaya SEX, and funny jokes and news and stoof!yay

Patch would be up there if it were 05...poor boy left kinda...:[

Bobby: better grammar and less sucking up and asking for mod jobs...
you will be there next year.
Lloyd: stop making unusally pointless posts and learn how to be an individual.
kiros isn't here to babysit you in real life.
you have potential though.

Well, if pros were allowed, i'd have won.
I flame, im witty, fuck with me, ill have no pity!
I'm smart, i rule, you are just a tool!
I'm wise, im mean, i improve your self esteem!
I'm loud, im lucky, omg look it's chucky!
lol j/k

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