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Default Re: Rule about Sex

Originally Posted by Z /\ ( |-|
"Helping their curiosity," as you put it, is not going to stop them from having sex, only push them to it more! If this place was founded to help teens, then we should HELP them to not have teen sex! God.
Dude sex ed is a PROVEN method it has worked for countless millions
the "sex does not exist" policy
not so much
oh and then theres this
The United States Constitution is the supreme law of the United States of America

What gives you the right to chastise them for asking a simple honest question thats not hurting anyone?

Were not saying make another forum
were not saying make a huge announcement
were saying just stop locking the ligitimate ones

Originally Posted by Z /\ ( |-|
And another thing, do you really understand how many predators this could attract?
Don't you EVER lecture me on "sexual predators"
I know all about them

Originally Posted by Z /\ ( |-|
I'm sure there are already horny old men just sitting there reading the peuberty forum, jacking off to the thirteen year old masturbation questions.
Just because people enter a birthdate, does not mean its true!
Has anybody here ever said diffrent?
we all know there here
its not rocket science
but does that mean we don't allow real teens with real questions the right to ask
to learn
to understand
We let them talk all they want about periods, masturbation, foreskin etc... so who really cares if they talk about condoms, spermacide, STD's, etc....

Originally Posted by Z /\ ( |-|
If we don't tell them what they are asking about, then they are more likely to not have sex. Listen people, teens only want sex because of raging hormones. When they get old enough to make a mature descision about it, they will do so. Making a decision like that during teenage years is anything but mature, and it could ruin someone's life. We should not encourage that by making a forum to answer teen sex questions.
Speak fo yourself if you can't trust yourself then thats your problem not ours
and how other teens choose to conduct there sex life is none of your dam bussiness
who are you to tell them what they can and cant do?
I have met ALLOT of extremly bright teens that know whats best for THEM in THEIR individual situation they know what there doing

I've met allot of horny teens and I can garuntee you some site on the net going shhhhhh BAD or being open on the topic will not bear any real weight on there decision
if there that horny
there gonna do it
personally i'd rather they know how to protect themselves then just go blundering into it

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