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Originally Posted by *}Whisper{*
were NOT telling them to do it
were answering questions and helping there curiosity
otherwise the only option to them IS to go have sex

The ONLY type of education texas teaches is abstenence state wide all the schools thats the only state that does that
and they have more teen pregnancys then every other state combined

if a teen is simply curious and has questions they should be able to ask instead of just going fuck it and having sex

I'm 18, i'm a virgin and i'm happy being one why because any question i've ever had no matter how stupid i could ask whenever I wanted and my parents, brother inlaws or sisters would answer
they wouldnt make fun of me
they wouldnt yell at me

not everyone has a family like that
some are chastized and punished simply for asking a question

thats NOT right
We help teens with everything from suicidal tendancys to how to clean a laptop
why cant they ask simple sex questions
hell they already do
it hasent done any harm
some get answers others get punished and yelled at

its retarted
were not telling them to run out and have sex
all were trying to do is provide a safe area for them to ask ligitimate questions if the mods of the puberty forum judge that its not a real question its just a horny teen being a shit then by all means lock it
but an honest question shouldnt be attacked

kiros i wont let this topic just fade away like i did with that stupid forum (i still want it gone by the way)
i wont just let it go away so you can get your way agains the majority as an admin its your job to listen thats what josh does thats what francis does thats what makes a good admin
even josh is considering it
you may have the authority to TRY (emphasis on try) to shut us up but you do not have the authority to go against him
this is his site
not yours

this place was created to help teens
sex is a HUGE part of being a teenager
your just finding out about this big scary and wonderful thing
your curious naturally
you should be allow to ask questions
you should be allowed to learn
"Helping their curiosity," as you put it, is not going to stop them from having sex, only push them to it more! If this place was founded to help teens, then we should HELP them to not have teen sex! God.

And another thing, do you really understand how many predators this could attract?
I'm sure there are already horny old men just sitting there reading the peuberty forum, jacking off to the thirteen year old masturbation questions.
Just because people enter a birthdate, does not mean its true!

Originally Posted by -You.Suck.I.Rule-
I've browsed the GovTeen forums before, they have a Teen Sexuality forum, puberty and sex are seperate. And VT members should be allowed to ask a question about sex.

Here's the difference between a spammer and an actual sex question:

'H0w d0 y0u fuck????!!!11111!11one11!'

actual question:
'How do you use birth control? I have nowhere else to ask and I really need help with this."

Now, let's say VT was a teen clinic. It's almost like it, except it's a forum. A teen girl or boy comes in needing help, such as information about proper condom use or what different methods of birth control are available, but the clinic says that they help with depressed teens and counseling, but no sex information. Six months later, the receptionist sees the same girl pregnant, or a year later the same person who was on call sees this 16 year old boy carrying a baby. Now, how would that person feel knowing that they could have helped prevent this? It might not be the same in physical comparison but the morals are still the same.

As long as their not posting porno images and shit it shouldn't be a problem.
If we don't tell them what they are asking about, then they are more likely to not have sex. Listen people, teens only want sex because of raging hormones. When they get old enough to make a mature descision about it, they will do so. Making a decision like that during teenage years is anything but mature, and it could ruin someone's life. We should not encourage that by making a forum to answer teen sex questions.

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