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Default Re: an Untitled story by my friend Catie and I

Shamus, that is so gross. And yes, you did read the dictionary. I caught you that one time in science, when you were hiding it behind your textbook. Dork.
Anywho, so the 2 of us meandered along, trying to blend. Trust me, blending is hard to do when you have these 7 foot wings coming out of your back. Now, I realize no one could see them unless I wanted them to, but still. Not to mention I had SUPER POWERS! Oh, and I was walking around with Shamus. Which was like having a HUGE neon light next to me, pointing to him saying, “LOOK AT THE IDIOT BOY! WATCH HIM DROOL!”
But you know me. I don’t complain like that.
“So, where do we start,” I asked to myself, looking at the map projector. I wasn’t quite sure how to use it yet, so I was basically just making it pop out, because it was pretty cool.
“Well, how am I supposed to know?! You’re the one who’s been there before. If you would’ve remembered the way there, this would be easier!” Shamus replied loudly. Someone came to their window briefly, looking at us. I lowered my head.
“Will you shut up? We’re trying to keep a low profile, and you screaming that I’ve been there is going to attract the henchman like flies to honey,” I said angrily, under my breath.
“Well, let me see the map then! I’ll figure it out,” he said, taking it from my hands and pressing a bunch of buttons.
“What? No! Stop that, you’re going to break it!” I retorted, trying to take it back. He held it away from me, teasingly out of reach. I glared at him as we turned onto a different street; one of the many that wove their way around the city.
“I’m not going to break it! You’re just jealous. I’ll get this to work,” he said.
“Ooh yeah, because you’re so great with computers,” I replied sarcastically. He scowled at me.
“HALT!” A husky voice shouted from behind us.
That was not good. At all.
I looked at Shamus with my eyes wide, and for once in our 15 year old lives, we agreed on something—time to go.
We both ran down a back alley, to another main road, then took two more back alleys to a side road that wasn’t even paved.
We’d lost the guy…
…But we had no clue where we were.
“Great. See, if we would’ve just fought, we’d know where we were!” Shamus complained.
“Yeah. We’d be dead. Besides, we both wanted to run. I’m not killing anymore people I don’t have to,” I snapped back to him. There was an awkward silence.
“Well…here, now the map works,” he said, pushing more buttons.
“Would you like to delete this map?” I heard it say. Shamus didn’t. He pushed another button.
“You have now deleted Map 1,” it said, then fell quiet again.
Another awkward silence.
“YOU BROKE THE MAP!??!” I roared. I felt like strangling him, “YOU BROKE it?! I’d hoped it was idiot-proof, but apparently not! Shamus Dougal, I’m going to kill you!”
I was livid.

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