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Originally Posted by Kiros72
Please be thankful I'm not listening to my brother. He suggested since I'm an administrator that I simply say "Your opinions don't matter. What I say goes." and lock/delete the thread. Though I'm not, I don't like to be that drastic, nor have an attitude like that. However, I believe I could at any time and explain why in a private forum to the other admins. Though, again, I'm not. It's seeming more and more that when an administrator has an opinion, he better agree with the majority or he'll get bashed - or at least most people have a problem with me actually having an opinion.
I just saw this
honestly kiros
threatening us
tisk tisk
dude your brothers a fool
you thought the last fight was bad
if you think for ONE SECOND you actually have the political power on this site to do whatever you want and fuck what we think then you are sadly mistaken
I don't care if josh and francis made you an admin
its still ONE against HUNDREDS
and now I see your even begining to go against Josh
this is HIS SITE not yours
it will NEVER be yours no matter how hard you try
if I ever see you openly go against Josh
i'll go balistic

Thank you Josh soooo much for doing that!
for actually taking the initiative to see what the members want

and dude the puberty forum is already bad we handle it just fine
there is no other forum on this site thats watched as closley by the staff
Josh made some REALLY good choices when apointing the pub mods
they along with the global mods and admins are more then capable of handeling it
we've had allot of porn posted onto VT befor all over the site
it was removed and the member banned quickly

You have no idea what kind of spam attacks we've been through
we were attacked by an entire fraternity once
over 150 spammers comming on at once
we crushed them in no time

that wont be an issue

I agree with dante though
we don't need a new forum for it
just allow it to be discussed in the puberty forum


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