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I've browsed the GovTeen forums before, they have a Teen Sexuality forum, puberty and sex are seperate. And VT members should be allowed to ask a question about sex.

Here's the difference between a spammer and an actual sex question:

'H0w d0 y0u fuck????!!!11111!11one11!'

actual question:
'How do you use birth control? I have nowhere else to ask and I really need help with this."

Now, let's say VT was a teen clinic. It's almost like it, except it's a forum. A teen girl or boy comes in needing help, such as information about proper condom use or what different methods of birth control are available, but the clinic says that they help with depressed teens and counseling, but no sex information. Six months later, the receptionist sees the same girl pregnant, or a year later the same person who was on call sees this 16 year old boy carrying a baby. Now, how would that person feel knowing that they could have helped prevent this? It might not be the same in physical comparison but the morals are still the same.

As long as their not posting porno images and shit it shouldn't be a problem.


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