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You don't have a choice if abstinence is what you are taught, that teaches teens simply to not have sex. Where is the choice in that?
My school taught sex education, they gave us the straight facts. They let us decide what we want to, thats how it should be. That is free will.
Its not a matter of whether abstinence is good or bad, its a matter of opinion. Yes it is the only 100% protection against STD's and it is a very sensible option. However it isn't for everyone, not everyone will choose abstinence, because they have the choice. Condoms are still extreemly effective.
I did not say porn and sex are not related, don't change my words
I said
Originally Posted by Ravenous
Sex advice is completely different to posting porn
Which it is, giving someone advice on how to have safer sex is totally different to pornography. They have a central theme yes, but they are not comparable. Unless you class a sentance like this "remember to always use a condom and make sure it is used correctly" as porn. Which I highly doubt.
Moderators are there to lock/delete inappropriate threads, they crop upin the puberty forum already, these will still be removed obviously.
Your brother sounds like a dick. You might be an admin, but its still Josh's site.
We have forums to help people with drug problems/tell them how to use drugs safely, so why not do the same with sex. Tell people how to have safer sex. STD rates are high like you say, so why doesn't this site try and help to lower them by informing the teens who need to ask these questions and might not be comfortable asking anyone else.
Originally Posted by Z/\(|-|
Because teens aren't really supposed to be having sex until their later years. In most states its illegal to have sex until you're sixteen, and alot of the people here are under that age. We shouldn't be encouraging illegal sex by telling kids how to do it.
No they aren't sopposed to, but people do. Not everyone sticks to the law, big deal. We would not be telling people to have sex, we would be encouraging those who want to have sex, to do so safely.
You chose abstinence, Kiros. That is your choice fair enough, everyone should be alowed to make their own decisions. So if someone chooses to have sex, wouldn't you rather they knew how to do so safely?