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Default Re: how to get dates

Some people think that it is a big deal, if u rele wanna go out on a d8, but u dnt wanna ask blatent, or say "hey, u wanna go 2 c a film sum time soon?" then do this:

"hey __________ wanna go 2 (city/town name)? There wil b a few of us goin this saturday, we might go c a movie"

then she answers with a ye or na, offer 2 pay 4 the movie tick 4 her,

Then on the day, say ur m8s blew u off, and hey presto! A day on ur own with her and 2 the movies!!! Watch a horror so u can hold her, then go 4 an italian, then a walk which you keep the convo flowing then walk her back to her door, kiss her once on her lips, then politely leave. Without knowing it, she wouldve been on a d8 and she will b thinkin bout u all nite hope i made a difference
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