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Let's do a patch-up here.

Originally Posted by Kiros72
Please excuse my attitude if it seems to contradict what I say, as I have typed all of this 3 times now (vBulletin kept logging me out) and I am a little fed up with all the crap I have had to put up with.
Ok, I'm sorry to hear that But, I belive once the cookies are on the computer, you can simply go back. If it says "Please log in to use this feature" then I simply click back, cut everything, log in, and then paste and post. Might even review it. If you have a different or slower connection, for some reason it gets rid of the cookies easier and updates them to where you're out of the page completely But that's how I do it, hope this helps

Originally Posted by TheWizard
Having read everyone's opinion I have to say some very good points were made. If we had a separate Sex Ed forum the focus on safe sex it might be a good thing to teach. Like covering all the safe sex content could help people from messing up their life.

Let me think this over and I'll get back to you.
Ok, thank you Can I first have an opinion, please?

We've disscussed sex right here, in this topic. This topic isn't about sex! It's seeing if we're going to allow it discussed in its own forum/subforum. Personally, I think that we should have ours LOCKED. This means the forum itself is locked to where no posting of topics are allowed.
We can get some good information about STDs and STIs, how to have safe sex, pressuring, but NO LINKS TO PORN SITES. Simply a handfull of stickys, created by the members. This makes it to where we need absolutly NO moderators, there is NO porn issue, and gives important information on the dangers of sex. We CAN NOT give out ANY sites or tell ANYBODY about having sex of ANY kind.

...If we wish to allow the discussion about it, it should be heavily moderated. NOT by members who are inactive for weeks or months at a time, such as a portion of a moderating team there is. (Note: this statment should not open the disscussion of other 'inactive' moderators in this topic.)

...or, I can personally read the rules of IPB and see if they'll let me start a sex forum, which you can redirect people to. I will find knowledge about STDs and STIs, ect but will NOT have ANY pornographic images or links WHAT SO EVER.

This is my idea, and my point now stands to be discussed. Thoughts?

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