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Default Re: Post of the Year Awards

Originally Posted by Z /\ ( |-|
Well, that's how things usually work... One winner, lots of losers. :/

Post Of The Year Awards!
The nominies are:

*}Whisper{* - for posting a very informative news peice in the VT Daily Chronicle,

Kiros72 - For helping ScotsGirl a couple of weeks back, and gave some good health advice,

Se7en - For posting another informative new peice in the VT Daily Chronicle,

-I.Suck.You.Rule- - For giving some very good encouragment for a member in Cutting and Self Harm,

Apocalyptic_Storm - For making a guide to a forum system of some sort o.o

R_master - For giving others prospect on drugs, in the Drug Abuse forum,

***JG*** - Nominated by members because of his 'Do the Mario' thread,

and Progamer9515 - for posting 'internet 4 porn' in the Coffee shop, also nominated by the members.

And the winner is...Progamer9515!
Sorry, JG, your thread wasn't funny enough,
R_master I guess you need to do more drugs to really find out yourself,
Apocalyptic_Storm that guide was bullshit and didn't help me at all,
Cutting isn't funny, that's why you didn't win -I.Suck.You.Rule-,
Se7en I don't want to hear about the Perfect Diet,
Kiros72, that one shouldn't even have been nominated, because it wasn't even this month,
And *}Whisper{*, I don't wanna hear how the world is percived in someone else's eyes.

^See^? This is how alot of Prize and Awards go. It goes by what is most accepted, and who is actually voting, and whether the topic is serious enough or important OR bright enough (as in happy enough) and has a good mood, since alot of people like good moods. It would just look like dirt on somebodys face if you made them win, for posting a video about video-game creatures singing about porn! Disclaimer: These were random things taken from everywhere, and some of the ideas were made up. This does not reflect the views of the postee, this was simply made up for an example.

And, you could have a number of ways it goes wrong, like the Academy Awards. Brokeback Mountain didn't win, it's just a gay movie. We heard enough about racism, but let's give the prize to Crash anyway

Eh, this was a rambeling post The point is, I don't think it would be a good idea. There's alot of people that help, and are we just going to pick between those things and then deside which is better? A person that IS self harming could benifit from that information, while the whole concept and detailed information of another post lets everyone know what's going on in the world, and both have their own good sides, to other people. Plus, some people might vote, but not read the entire post of that person, because to me usually better posts are longer.

So, I don't think it would be a good idea, at least in my opinion. Although, I thought something like this would get suggested No offence, Zach

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