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Originally Posted by Ravenous
Lmao thats fucking brilliant that is, you ignore us when the majority of people say that about TCS, yet when we suggest something you don't like, you throw it back at us. I hate to dissapoint you but it doesn't work that way dear.
Tim, I was trying to make a point. See how completely worthless that is an a conversation? It's just a complete, obvious opinion struck out of vengeful judgment. But wait, you know what else is brilliant? "Only in some areas is change bad." When you say change is good, I suppose it's good. When you say change is bad, then I guess it's bad. However, you cannot selectively state it's good or bad just to suit you. It just doesn't work like that.

Ah, Tim, now whatever did happen to free will?! Why have so many teens been brainwashed by the media? I'm glad I was taught about abstinence. My entire school was taught about abstinence. We were all taught that we have a choice. Promoting free will is enjoyable

Though I'm pretty sure that only people with half a brain would think that abstinence is a bad thing. It's actually the only thing that will protect someone from STD's. There is no such thing as safe sex anymore. The only thing that could mean is preventing a pregnancy. An STD can be transmitted even with a condom. Abstinence is the only way to prevent that.

Tim and Bobby, you say that porn and sex are not related? They are completely different?
Porn is the act of having sex on tape. Sex is sex privately.
Now let's analyze this. Porn is sex, but on tape, right? It is actually sex being captured and presented through the means of a tape. Sex is sex, but private. This shows that sex can be public though. Porn actually confirms this. Though you cannot define a word with the word in question. Sex is just sex - private or public. Porn is sex on tape or on disk or on hard drive or even in cyberspace. Porn is simply sex that can be watched. That is how they are directly related. I can't make it much clearer than that, sorry.

Dante, I can assure you that most teens are not as stupid as most of this thread makes them out to be. Though just imagine what kind of topics would be showing up in a Sex Ed/Advice forum. Sure, at first, there would be clean thread probably as a result from observing the expectations we have in this thread. Seriously, there are numerous distasteful threads in the puberty forum already, so think what might show up if we allow this.

Please be thankful I'm not listening to my brother. He suggested since I'm an administrator that I simply say "Your opinions don't matter. What I say goes." and lock/delete the thread. Though I'm not, I don't like to be that drastic, nor have an attitude like that. However, I believe I could at any time and explain why in a private forum to the other admins. Though, again, I'm not. It's seeming more and more that when an administrator has an opinion, he better agree with the majority or he'll get bashed - or at least most people have a problem with me actually having an opinion.

I really am trying to listen to everyone's thoughts and I'd like to think that I am considering everyone's beings before making a call. Although, apparently I'm not, so I apologize. Please excuse my attitude if it seems to contradict what I say, as I have typed all of this 3 times now (vBulletin kept logging me out) and I am a little fed up with all the crap I have had to put up with. So now, I feel I have made my points. I'll let this thread boil down to a conclusion without my useless babble.

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