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Kiros you go on and on about STD and depression when it comes to sex. Then why can't we offer advice on such things? Do you think that we would actually tell members "you should have unprotected sex and get an STD because that's fun"? I actually believe you think that we would do something like that and that's kind of sad. We're not telling them to go and have sex we are just offering any advice that we could to help them. We shouldn't turn away people for that matter.

Ofcourse porn is related to sex but you are literally putting it on the same level as Sex Advice?? People have sex and giving advice isn't wrong.

and yes it is your opinion but instead of listening to other members, you are integrating your opinion on how you run this site, as clear as it may be What you are doing isn't right because you do not listen to us.

and truth be told the reason why I think you are particularly stubborn on this is because noone likes the Coffee Shop, people think its a useless forum and it takes away from our true general discussion forum: The White Padded Room.

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