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Originally Posted by Kiros72
Though hey, let's all remember "change is bad"
Lmao thats fucking brilliant that is, you ignore us when the majority of people say that about TCS, yet when we suggest something you don't like, you throw it back at us. I hate to dissapoint you but it doesn't work that way dear. You can't just pick and choose what you want to hear to suit you best.
Sex Education is an important part of teen life, most teens get it in school but they might not remember everything. If they need to ask questions this site is a great place to top up their knowledge. Abstinance does not work, that will only work with teens who believe in it. You cannot brainwash all teens into not having sex before marriage, anyone with half a brain wont fall for it. So it is better to teach teens how to have sex safely. Im disgusted that schools actually try and force that onto you, whatever happened to free will.
Sex advice is completely different to posting porn, one is for the safety and health of people, the other is just entertainment. I will let you decide which is which.
Originally Posted by Kiros72
just how stupid sex before marriage is.
Just another opinion of yours, not everyone thinks that. Isn't it best that the people who will have sex before marriage are tought it safely?