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Cody, what do you mean Texas is the only state that teaches abstinence? I'm in Louisiana and I was schooled on it. In fact, we even had someone come to our high school and show just how stupid sex before marriage is. The society today is manipulated by the media so it seems more or less natural that teens accept sex. In fact, nowadays, even small children accept it because of the stupid media. Sex is something that shows the true passion for each other in a couple, however, today's society has torn that completely to shreds. Now, sex is thought of somewhat as 'fun' for a guy and it's just something to get him off all while a girl just let's him do it because she thinks it will strengthen their relationship... Guess what! It barely ever does, in fact, sometimes the guy even leaves her because he got all what he wanted. That's just plain sick.

Though do not think I'm saying that all sex is like that between teens. I know a teen couple that were both virgins and are still very much in love. A month before school let out, they gave their virginity to each other and both of them are still so happy. I'm a very good friend with the girl and I support her for what she did. I'm sure this happens in more than one relationship... Say like Veronica and her guy. Veronica as posted about it and I think it was beautiful, however, it's not always like that. I know another friend of mine that was thrown into a complete depression because her guy left her after getting what he wanted... You have no idea how much pain that deals to a girl - even I don't. Though I do know that a girl has a bond with their partner after having sex (though the same bond kind of bond she would have with a child of hers).

Now besides leaving a girl heartbroken and depressed, do you know how many people die from STD's? Well in 1998, approximately 30,000 deaths were recorded from STD's. That number has not stayed the same nor has it decreased - meaning it has increased. The number of infections are insanely higher than that. Oh, and do you know of HPV? I guess one could consider it just as bad, if not worse than HIV. HPV can take years to show anything at all. The longest I know of is 11 years. And you know what's really fascinating? Once you have HPV, you cannot be curred. You are contagious for the rest of your life. Condoms don't work against it either. It goes through contact of the skin. This means, you actually don't even have to have sex with your partner to transfer it to them when you have this. Oh, and the warts from HPV have to be burnt off either with several laser or acid treatments.

Cody, I don't know about you, but I would like to do all I can to prevent any teen from getting any string of an STD, especially because of HPV, which if a teen develops, will not be able to have sex with anyone for the rest of their life without transmitting it.

Yes, everyone, it is my own opinion. Good grief, I thought that was clear. I'm not trying to start a revolution nor am I stating what will be done in the future. Get over it, I have my opinion and I'm actually stating it.

Cody, porn is directly related to sex. To say it's not is contrasting common sense. If we allow sexual topics, then why not allow that crap as well? This is why we have these restrictions. I will not lift a rule that I know is limiting a little chaos on this board. The fact of it is, if anything, we should be thinking about limiting the questions more. It's clear that some very questionable topics are appearing in the puberty forum. These topics are probably why a lot of members would not feel comfortable with their family members knowing of this site.

Ah, and Ant, you have a very good analogy about the Drug Abuse forum, however, it's an abuse forum. It's made so people can get help on stopping the abuse. It's not called "Drugs! More Drugs!." Read the title again and again and look for a connection between what I'm saying and what the forum is for.

Dante, I'm sorry, but we are not proper sexual education. If someone needs it, they should take a course, or maybe check out Puberty101. I'm sure they have a lot of sexual related topics.

I'm just saying that I'm against it, so I will not lift the rule. I did not just write out an incredibly long explanation for nothing, so before you judge me and my decision, please read everything. Though hey, let's all remember "change is bad"

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